Replica Poker will offer you the opportunity to challenge your friends and professional poker players, to find out who has the best betting moves !

How does it work ?

You can start a challenge of 20, 50 or 100 hands with a friend, in which you play a random selection of hands against Replica Player (bots programmed to have the same patterns of play / decisions).

All players start every hand with a stack of 1000, blinds 5/10. Stacks of all players at the table are reset at the end of every hand.

Actions & Results of each hand are saved in order to compare actions when both players have finished the Challenge.

Challenge a Professional Poker Player

You think you have what it takes to be a Poker Pro ?

Challenge real professional Poker players : Benjamin Pollak (13.000.000 $ total poker winnings), Quentin Lecomte (Twitcher, Online Poker Pro) …

Play hands that they already play, and find out if you can win more or lose less on the same configurations against similar opponents.